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Aboud Kobaitri is a Lebanese born American whose interest in food takes him all the way back to his mother’s kitchen where days were spent lovingly preparing food for a family of twelve. Chef Aboud began his career as an apprentice in Paris, France, working side by side with a chef-proprietor in a restaurant called, “Le Luxemburg”, similar to the one he owns today.  After a six year tenure in France, he moved to Oslo, Norway.  Taken by the culture and the country, he attended culinary school in Oslo, a requirement by the government in order to open a restaurant in Norway, his original plan. But it was in Norway that Aboud met his wife Lori, a native Floridian and the rest as they say, is history.

In 1993 they opened La brochette Bistro in Cooper City, Florida, where Chef Aboud has been fine tuning his talents ever since, exemplifying his creativity and his experiences gained from traveling the world. On any given evening you can find hints of his Middle-eastern background,  his strong base of French cuisine,  his experience with Scandinavian food, and of course the influences of  Florida seafood. Having a constant desire to create and improve on his craft has lead Chef Aboud to experiment with many of the wonderful fresh Hawaiian seafood obtainable, only adding to the large variety of seafood made available to him here  in South Florida. What has resulted is a menu both eclectic and full of surprises encompassing a wide range of meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables and desserts too broad to remain on a fixed menu and warranting a list of verbal specials presented each evening that only our knowledgeable servers could handle so well.   

For Chef Aboud the long hours required to run a successful restaurant are a labor of love, obvious to his loyal customers and friends. He has always followed his heart and it has led him to La Brochette Bistro, where he is able to create as his hearts desires-and to the appreciation of many.

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